Welcome to The Whitening Clinic

Welcome to THE WHITENING CLINIC. We are one of Ireland’s longest established Teeth whitening practices and most popular because we provide the Gold standard in teeth whitening and all at a reasonable price.  Only with superior products can you create maximum whiteness with maximum longevity.  We use the most advanced teeth whitening technology to make sure we get the results you need to get that beautiful smile you have always wanted.   Feel more confident with your smile all with in one hour.  With excellent aftercare products and customer service we make sure you get that one to one service and best business practice.  We are No.1 for whitening in Ireland, our customers return time and time again (see testimonials for yourself).  Let us help you get that smile you have always wanted. Studies have shown people with a beautiful white smile look younger, more attractive and feel better about themselves. So get that confident smile today and call or book online directly today and see what we can do for you.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This is a Professional Cosmetic Dental procedure and should not be compared to other inferior procedures. We use the latest technology to help you achieve the best results possible. Along with our EU compliant Gels &  this pain free procedure is extremely popular due to getting results just on your lunch break.  We are unlike other practices that use inferior products and inferior machines.  We pride ourselves on offering a private, personal and professional service.  All results are just not the same and every clients tooth is differen,t as are results.  So we give the best advice for your teeth and how to maximise results for you.

Why not get a Clean and Polish just before your whitening: Now only 60.00 Euro For a Scale and Polish. Also 15% discount for Students on all whitening procedures. Or book directly online yourself and get 10 euro off all laser teeth whitening treatments.

Our treatment is clinically tested and proven to be the most effective laser teeth whitening treatment available. Fully EU compliant with full toxicology and safety reports on all our gels. This is a non evasive procedure.


FANTASTIC SPECIAL OFFER: Own your own Custom Made Trays with dental grade gels for 2 years, NOW Only 180.00 Euro and optional extra with in house laser treatment For 250.00 Euro  This is the our Gold standard package making sure your teeth last at their maximum whiteness.

Within our Dental Clinic (Dundrum) is a highly professional and more importantly affordable dental practice offering a complete range of dental services at the clinic, .

All procedures are not the same (see our video of the procedure), Fully EU Compliant. Gels featured on the RTE 1 Consumer show. Meeting the highest of industry standards.

The treatment is Safe, Non-Invasive and Pain-free (professional dental laser teeth whitening). We are local and trusted practice within the Dublin city and surrounding areas. Three easily accessible clinics to choose from.(see below for all our locations)

Results can be seen after a one hour session.  We tailor every treatment specifically to our client’s needs.  Clients on average get between 4 to 10 shades whiter.  Some clients are a work in progress and may need extra treatments or be advised on aftecare products i.e take home kits.  All results are not the same and depend on many factors as everyones ones tooth is different. i.e  Mineral content of each client will vary.

Our teeth whitening laser treatment (premium package) can last at least one and a half years, with enough gels for 20 treatments and a free top valid for 2 years. For long lasting results we advise on aftercare. Everyones oral hygiene varies and best advice is given to maintain that beautiful smile. Many of our customers have remained loyal to us due to the quality of service and you don’t have to trust us just see our testimonials. We have the most likes (over 15,000) on Facebook compared to any other clinic in Ireland.

We cater for large wedding groups and offer discount prices. Let us take care of your smile for your important wedding photographs. Buy now and avail of our special group discounts. We also have our fantastic Snap on veneers for any special occasion See “Our Services.”  We also cater for Anti wrinkle Treatments in our Dublin 2 clinic with our Irish Registered Doctor.  

As well as having the most advanced technology and clinically tested gels on the market today, the best results will only be achieved when the procedure is undertaken by fully qualified and experienced dental professionals. The treatment should only be performed by a dental professional who has undergone many years of training within their profession. All our dental procedures carried our in Dundrum Clinic.

So chose the BEST when it comes to whitening your teeth and let us take care of you throughout the whole process. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to call us on  01 675 0821.  We look forward to hearing from you.