Full One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment. Only 79.00 Euro.

Full Treatment Now only 79.00 Euro. Normally 180.00 euro

This full one hour treatment involves a full consultation and aftercare treatment. The treatment itself involves three 20 minute cycles depending on the severity of the staining and the thickness of the enamel. Full care and attention is geared towards the clients particular needs and each customer is obviously different.

Our treatment takes 1 hour, but you need to allow more than 1 hour in order to complete the brief pre-consultation and pre and post treatment shade reviews. To help give clients a better understanding, we have provided a step-by-step guide to the treatment below:-

When you come into one of our clinics you will get:-

  • Pre consultation – to check client is not pregnant or breastfeeding, and has no dental issues.
  • Consent Form is then signed by client.
  • Shade review is performed by the dental professional.  Before and after shade is taken to show results.
  • A check/lip retractor is gently placed in the clients mouth to expose teeth, (see video )
  • Lip protection cream is applied to prevent drying and chapping
  • Our non peroxide gel is applied to all exposed teeth (front side only, not back of teeth)
  • The cold light accelerator lamp is positioned in front of clients mouth for first treatment cycle
  • The gel is removed and reapplied several times until a total treatment time of 1hr has been provided to the client.  Normally in and out of the clinic in 1 hr and 15 mins.
  • The gel is removed and the client rinses.
  • A final shade review is performed and agreed with the client
  • Aftercare advice on how to maintain that beautiful smile and keep your teeth at their maximum.
  • For more information on the treatment visit our FAQS.

*Disclaimer The whitening clinic . Results vary from person to person.